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Templates for Life Bundle | Google Sheets

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INTERESTED IN ALL OF THE GOOGLE SHEETS TEMPLATES? Then this bundle is for you! It contains all the templates you'll need to get your life in order!

In this bundle:

  • You'll receive 29 Google Sheets templates (28 templates + 1 bonus Cleaning Schedule Template)
  • You save $65.55! ($163.55 value)

*This version does not include the Wedding Planner, ADHD Planner, and Annual Budget.

 This bundle is a one-time purchase - it is not a subscription. 

1. Habit Tracker

CREATING CONSISTENT HABITS LEADS TO LONG TERM SUCCESS! As someone who has a tough time remembering to do simple tasks CONSISTENTLY, this is an incredible tool. I have spent months working on this and it has completely changed my life, so I want to share it with you!

This is a 12-month digital habit tracker for the year 2023 (an updated version is sent out every year at no charge). You can track your yearly, monthly, weekly, AND daily goals. These habits can be as big or little as you like. This tracker automatically shows your progress statistics day-to-day & week-to-week.

2. Productivity Planner - the best way to get your life organized and finally achieve your short-term AND long-term goals! This planner helps you plan and remember your goals, show your progress for the day and month, track your daily habits, track your mood, plan your weekly and monthly goals, track your weekly and monthly goals, manage your to-do list, and so on!

3. Mood Tracker - Tracking your mood across an extended period of time can bring some clarity to your mood patterns.

This is a 12-month digital mood tracker for the year 2023 (an updated version is sent out every year at no charge) with a sheet with automatic comparison charts. 

Automatic Statistic Charts include:

  • Monthly Average Chart: This will give you the average mood rating for each month compared to one another.
  • Monthly Reasoning Chart: This is a chart comparing your 'reasonings' for you mood each month.
  • Days of the Week Chart: This compares your mood between each day of the week.
  • Week of the Month Chart: This compares your mood between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of the month. (helps to confirm PMS sometimes!)

4. Morning Planner & To-Do List

This minimal-style, morning planner helps you start your morning off RIGHT.

Begin with writing three things you’re grateful for and your intentions for the day. This will help you change your mindset and guide you to having an amazing, mindful day.

Next, plan your productivity for the day. Write your to-do list, your priorities, scheduled activities, grocery list, etc.

By doing this each morning, you will be surprised at how mindful AND productive you are becoming.

5. To-Do List & Calendar

6. Budget by Paycheck - allows you to plan all of your expenses for each paycheck.

You can use it on Google sheets, and it will do automatic calculation/totals for you. You can also print as many times as you like and fill it out by hand. All up to you!

7. Monthly Budget - allows you to plan all of your expenses for any month.

The Google Sheets link will do automatic calculation/totals for you and contains a drop-down menu for the “Month”. You can also print as many times as you like and fill it out by hand. All up to you!

8. Meal Plan w/ Automated Grocery List - plan meals for each day of the week, figure out the ingredients needed, and then automatically generates a grocery list that you can print of check off at the store!

    9. Printable Grocery List & Meal Planner

      10. 75 Hard Challenge Tracker

      11. Weekly Workout Planner (top 3 bestsellers)

      This aesthetically pleasing workout planner helps you start your week off RIGHT.

      Begin by putting the date of the Monday that will begin your fitness week.

      Then, you will plan your targeted muscle groups for each day of the week (AKA ‘splits’). For example, you can target chest, shoulders, and triceps on Monday. Then you continue for the rest of the week.

      The weekdays will automatically fill in and you can begin planning your workouts with the exercise, set number, weight, reps, and/or time. You can then add your cardio in.

      There is even an option for “rest” days which will be highlighted in red.

      12. Weekly Cleaning Schedule

        13. House Plant Care - keep track of all your house plants and their watering schedule!

        14. Pet Sitter Instructions - helps keep track of all your fur babies’ information, contact info, and trip info for your pet sitter!

        15. Weekly Activity Tracker

        16. Period Tracker - a fun way to track your period, log your symptoms, learn about the phases of your cycle, and find correlations in your symptoms each month!

          17. Task Tracker

          18. Habit Tracker (Grow Plants/Flowers)

          19. Savings Tracker

          20. Library Tracker

          21. Income vs. Expense Tracker

          22. Debt Payoff Calculator

          23. Job Application Tracker

          24. Subscription Tracker

          25. Weight Loss Tracker

          26. Assignment Tracker

          27. New Year's Resolution Tracker

          28. Weekly Planner

          29. Weekly Cleaning Schedule (2nd version)


          This product contains a PDF file with all the links to your Google Sheets files. To access the file, you will need internet access and a Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, you can create one for free at

          Please note that this is not an Excel file. It is a Google Sheets link that you will save to your personal Google Drive.

          This is a personal use only product and cannot be used commercially or resold or redistributed. Please respect the copyright.

          All downloads are non-refundable as this is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped.

          If you have any problems or suggestions, please email us at 

          Remember to be kind and compassionate towards yourself, because you deserve it.