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Health & Fitness Template Bundle | GOOGLE SHEETS | (Workout Planner, Meal Planner, Grocery List, 75 Hard Challenge, Period Tracker)

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This product includes:
- PDF file including a link to the Google Sheet

What is needed to access Google Sheet:
1. Internet access
2. Google Account ( If you do not have a Google Account, please go to )


In this bundle, you save $5!

This bundle includes 5 Google Sheets templates:

1. WORKOUT PLANNER (top 3 bestsellers)

This aesthetically pleasing workout planner helps you start your week off RIGHT.

Begin by putting the date of the Monday that will begin your fitness week.

Then, you will plan your targeted muscle groups for each day of the week (AKA ‘splits’). For example, you can target chest, shoulders, and triceps on Monday. Then you continue for the rest of the week.

The weekdays will automatically fill in and you can begin planning your workouts with the exercise, set number, weight, reps, and/or time. You can then add your cardio in.

There is even an option for “rest” days which will be highlighted in red.

2. Weekly MEAL PLANNER (top 3 bestsellers)

This weekly meal planner allows you to plan meals for each day of the week, figure out the ingredients needed, and then automatically generates a grocery list that you can print of check off at the store!

This template includes six sheets:
1. Instructions for the Meal Planner + automatic grocery list
2. EXAMPLE – Weekly Meal Planner
3. EXAMPLE – [Automated] Grocery List
4. TEMPLATE – Meal Planner
5. TEMPLATE – [Automated] Grocery List
6. TEMPLATE – [Manual, Printable] Grocery List


There are a few options to using this template:
- Print the PDF and fill it out hand-written
- Fill in the list electronically, print it out, and manually check it off while grocery shopping
- Keep it completely DIGITAL. Through the Google Sheets app, you are able to access the list while at the store. It conveniently has checkboxes and a drop-down menu for the quantity of your items.


Use this template for 75 Hard OR 75 Soft challenge. You plan your own goals!

I made this spreadsheet for myself while I was doing the 75 hard challenge! This challenge really taught me self-discipline and I grew trust for myself. I printed this spreadsheet and hung it on my fridge and checked the goals off throughout each day.

This listing is for the 75 Hard Challenge Google Sheets template. Plan your goals, enter your weight & measurements, then print your checklist!

You can enter your personal goals because everyone is different. However, the main 75 Hard Challenge “Rules are:
1. Follow a diet (no cheat meals)
2. Two 45-minute workouts (one has to be outside)
3. Drink 1 gallon (or 4 liters) of water
4. No alcohol consumption
5. Take a progress photo
6. Read 10 pages of any nonfiction book

You can PRINT or use the check boxes on GOOGLE SHEETS.

Feel free to use this for you 75 SOFT CHALLENGE as well.


This PERIOD & MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKER is a fun way to track your period, log your symptoms, learn about the phases of your cycle, and find correlations in your symptoms each month!

This google sheets template includes:

- PERIOD TRACKER: This yearly tracker allows you to easily tracker your period each month and see the length of your cycle.

- SYMPTOM TRACKER: choose the categories & symptoms you'd like to track each month. Use the checkbox throughout the month as you experience symptoms. You can also track all 4 phases of your cycle. Add any notes, observations, and/or correlations you notice with each symptom (ex. you may get bloated during your luteal phase). The chart will also total each symptom to show you how many times you experienced it in the month.

- CYCLE INFO: This sheet is an overview of all four menstrual cycle phases (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal). It explains your hormones, how you should exercise, eat, etc. (NOT medical advice)

- PRINT FRIENDLY VERSION: this printer-friendly version allows you to hand write your symptoms and color code to your liking.


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Please respect the copyright.

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