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Christmas Gift Tracker | Google Sheets Template

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Make this holiday season stress-free and organized with this Christmas Gift Tracker Google Sheets template. Designed to help you keep track of all your gift-giving endeavors, ensuring that you spread joy without breaking the bank.


  • Recipient List: Easily create a list of all the special people you're buying gifts for. Include their names, relationship, and any additional notes to personalize your shopping experience
  • Gift Details: Log each gift's details, including the item, a link to where you can purchase it online, your budgeted amount, and the actual price. This feature ensures you stay within your budget while finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones
  • Progress Tracker: Keep tabs on the progress of each gift. Know at a glance if the gift has been purchased, wrapped, and if it needs to be sent by mail. This feature is especially useful for those sending gifts to distant friends and family.
  • Automatic Calculations: The template automatically calculates the budget versus actual spending, providing you with a clear overview of your gift-giving expenses. It helps you stay financially responsible during the holiday season.
  • Spending Breakdown by Category: Gain insights into your spending patterns by categorizing gifts. Whether it's electronics, clothing, or handmade items, this feature allows you to see where your budget is going and make adjustments as needed.
  • Spending & Number of Gifts Breakdown by Name: Gain insights into your spending patterns and number of gifts for each individual person. 
  • Christmas Countdown: Embrace the festive spirit with a countdown to Christmas right in your spreadsheet. Stay excited as the days draw nearer and ensure you have all your gifts ready on time.

How to Use:

  1. Open the template in Google Sheets.
  2. Input the names and details of your gift recipients.
  3. Add gift details, including links and budget.
  4. Update the progress of each gift as you go.
  5. Watch as the template automatically calculates your budget and provides a spending breakdown.

Stay organized, within budget, and enjoy the holiday season with our Christmas Gift Tracker Google Sheets template. Download it today and make this Christmas a stress-free and joyful experience!


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