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Lifestyle & Productivity | Template Subscription

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Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription to receive 2 new Google Sheets templates a month along with 4 new printable templates. You'll also receive a 25% off discount code!

Do you need a little help organizing your life? Look no further! Our monthly subscription service provides you with two new high-quality spreadsheet templates every month for a variety of lifestyle needs, such as personal finance, meal planning, and fitness tracking. In addition, subscribers receive the top three templates of the year as a bonus for signing up. You'll also receive weekly printable templates. These templates are designed to save users time and effort, while also providing inspiration and new ideas for their daily routines. With this subscription, users can stay organized and efficient in their daily lives and always have access to a wide range of customizable spreadsheet templates. It also saves you a lot of money! 

What this subscription includes

  • 2 new Google Sheets templates every month [$9.90 value]
  • 4 new printable templates [$13 value]
  • Top 3 best selling templates (Productivity Planner, Meal Planner, and Task Tracker) [$14.85 value]
  • 25% off all previous templates (bundles not included)

$37.75 value (plus discount code) for only $8! 

How it works:

When you sign up for our subscription service, you'll receive a PDF in your email with our top three best-selling templates so you can start using them right away. There are also instructions on how to create an account so you can access all future templates! 

Each month, we'll send you two emails when there are new templates available. Simply log in to the Subscriber Portal and download the templates. Our subscription service is designed to be user-friendly, so you can access all of the templates with ease.

Disclaimer: Our subscription service provides templates for personal use only. Redistribution, resale, or commercial use of our templates is strictly prohibited. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful templates, we cannot guarantee their suitability for your specific needs. We recommend that you consult with a professional before making any financial or lifestyle decisions based on the information provided by our templates. Discount codes cannot be used on bundles. The new templates you'll receive each month will be for Google Sheets only and the printable templates will be in PDF format. Google Sheets templates will be sent out every other Monday. You can cancel your subscription at any time. By subscribing to our service, you understand everything that was listed above and you agree to these terms and conditions.